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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


God works

Trust. I have a really hard time trusting anyone. I know God loves me but I still get sidetracked by what my human eyes see and wonder if He really cares about me and whatever little problems I have.

I mentioned my DH's pay cut. God has carried us in so many ways before - I should KNOW He cares and things work out. Still, I worry.

A few things that have taken place since my DH's pay cut...I was lamenting with a friend (who has moved from my local area) about DH's job, his future with this company and the impact his pay cut is having on our family. The short story is that she sold her house here in town and with part of the profit from that she sent me a WalMart gift card. She shared my story with another friend who had moved away more than a year ago (and I had lost contact with) and that friend also sent a WalMart gift card as well. Those two gift cards and $75 of our money stocked my freezer with meat for a family of six that will last approximately 5-6 months!!

We literally went from doing ok to welfare over night. Having been living paycheck to paycheck before, the pay cut has an enormous impact on us. I came home from Hearts at Home ( - which was paid for LONG before we knew of any pay changes - to find a check from Friend A. The first words in her note? "Don't freak out....." LOL!

Then this afternoon - I was sitting here taking a break from cleaning house before I run upstairs and take a shower. Another friend's car pulls up in front. She was dropping a card in my mailbox when I answered the door. She only had a second so she handed me the card and off she went. I was glad since it's 3:10pm here and I'm still bra-less and unshowered! Inside the card was a gift certificate for Aldi in it and the nicest note I have ever received.

God works. God works when we're not looking, when we think we've been forgotten and when we're about to give up. God works when we're willing to listen and obey.

I am so blessed to have great friends. It's like God is using my friends to say, "Trust me. I have you in the palm of my hand." I cannot even begin to say how happy I am to be a part of this. God is working in the lives of my friends and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

Off to the shower - finally!

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