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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm not good at this blogging thing. My husband says I shouldn't try to be funny and, without humor, who wants to read about the day to day happenings in MY life? I like reading blogs because it helps me feel connected to other moms who are living lives parallel to my own. They *get* why needing to take two kids to the dentist at 8am and two different kids to the doctor at 10am is a pain. They get why I feel overwhelmed sometimes when all I do is "stay at home" (yeah, right!)

Today the kids have a dentist appointment and the boys have a doctor's appointment. I think they still have a stubborn ear infection hanging on. M was crying in his sleep last night - poor thing. He cries like his little heart is breaking.

I'll be heading to a friend's house to help her out today while DH is home with the boys. My friend had a kidney transplant in January, a second surgery resulted in a stroke. She is doing so much better than she was a month ago. She tires easily and there are some household chores she just can't tackle yet. I don't mind helping her - she's so sweet and has done so much for me.

I've been lucky to be a part of a fabulous mom's group at my church for the past 4 years. Those ladies and I have grown so much during that time. They have been so sweet to us during this "bump" in the road regarding DH's job. One has brought us dinner twice and another brought the most awesome manicotti over yesterday. It was a comlpete surprise and very much appreciated. They're great friends and I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

Your first paragraph here sums up why I've quickly grown to love blogging, too.

Boy, I sure do miss a good, nurturing group of ladies at church. I haven't found one in our new location.
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