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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Confession.... (re: LBY)

I've fallen behind in the Bible Study. I don't know how it happened, I just looked up and it was Tuesday and I was behind!

I will catch up this week. So many things going on in my personal life and I've been struggling to keep up!

I'm considering a hysterectomy at 30 - major bleeding issues for 5 months now. I have migraines so many kinds of BCP's dont' work for me. SOmething has to give here - this has been nearly constant for 5 months!

My youngest son needs his adnoids out. Not a HUGE big deal but still requires some planning with the other 3 kids and DH's work schedule.

I'm in the process of taking over my "Mom's Group" at church. My mentor and the fearless leader is moving in a couple months. I miss her already!

I'm trying to nail out the kinks in my SS class. The mentor mentioned above was my backup teacher when I needed to be gone and with her moving - well, I'm in a jam. Plus I need some new material and I'm floundering! I have ideas, but no direction!

I'm planning a presentation for a speech I'll be giving in a couple weeks. It's a great opportunity - I speak on an issue close to my heart and receive a professional critique.

So, I've gotten behind on things. Today I'm picking up a perishable shipment and the kids have a bday party.

Ladies, I'm really sorry about this. I missed last week's post - but I did that lesson!! Maybe I'll post that entry before the weekend is through and the week 4 post this week (mid-week. That's my plan anyhow.

I'm working through this differently this week. Usually I run the homeowrk M-F. Then I'm supposed to post Friday night. I have trouble doing that. I need more time to mull it over. This week I'm running it Saturday - Wednesday. Then I'll have the time I need.

Know what? I am WAY behind on the videos. I find it easier to bring my Bible and notes with me to do when I'm somewhere else, than to sit, UNINTERRUPTED at the computer to soak in the videos.

You sound like you have a lot on your plate, too. VERY stressful at times, I understand all too well. Take a deep breath and give it up to God. I'm FINALLY learning, or re-learning to do that, too.

Gosh, that SOUNDS so easy. But sometimes the human side of me says, "Uh, God, if you're gonna help, can you change Little Guy's diaper?" ;)
Uninterrupted time - that's the thing. LOL

I can't even break up the homework into little bites at a time. I lose my focus, get distracted by other things and then I'm toast!

Thanks for the post, Faith. I guess I know what I should be praying about this week.
Your are in my prayers. I had my hysterectomy with age 40 because of the same issues - major bleeding. I am sorry to hear that you have the issues so young.
You do have a lot going on. Praying for you and yours.
I hope that this coming week you'll find some special, uninterrrupted time - just for you, Beth, and God. :-) You definitely have a lot going're in my prayers!
gosh - you sound crazy busy

hope this week it eases a bit

God Bless!!
Sweet sister...I will pray for you!

Um, and about being behind...and this might be an excuse in my world, BUT....remember that His timing is AMAZING. There is a purpose for your being might need certain words on certain has worked for me so far...oh, and I am still on week don't feel bad.
i am behind too. I didn't post this week either. Last week was a rough week emotionally for me(and it's dragging itself into this week too), so I fell behind.

The hysterectomy - tough choice. I've been dealing with the same issues , extreme bleeding, lots of pain etc. I have terrible migraines that are directly related (most anyway) to my cycle too. I am scared silly to have surgery though. I guess I'm a scaredy cat.

I'll be praying for you.
You're so busy, and you've so much to think and pray about, don't worry about being behind. Do the study however you can and know that you have a lot of prayers ascending to heaven, as we intercede for you.
You have had a lot on your plate. Justknow that I'll be praying for you. (((HUGS)))
You have had a lot on your plate. Justknow that I'll be praying for you. (((HUGS)))
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