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Saturday, April 01, 2006



Save for the fact that I have developed a pretty effecient "hunt and peck" technique - I'm basically computer illiterate.

What is wrong with the coding below? Help!

(tee hee)


Hooray! It seems to be working now. Thanks a million, Lauren!

AND - I seem to have retrieved my SS lesson (Go me!) and now all I have to do is tweak it a bit. PC keeps telling me I have a network problem (?!) but at least I can open my documents again.

We're talking about the effects of media in the raising of boys tomorrow. Subtle sexual innuendos that sneak into commercials, how men are portrayed as idiots in sitcoms, etc. I'm really excited about this lesson! I hope my class remembers to change their clocks and everyone is on time. There is a lot to cover. (remember - spring AHEAD tonight.)

Blogger, for some reason, doesn't like the code. :-) I think all of the people who use Blogger had the same thing happen that you did, so for the time being I'm just using the text at the very end of the footer and then referring people to my sidebar. Hope that helps!
New to blogging myself--moving from computer simply computer challenged!

ENJOY! Diane
computers can sure be tricky - i would never be able to blog with out my techie twin Susan. I am sooo illiterate on my own!

Good for you for trying to do it!! That is how you learn! One day you will be geeking out with the veterans!
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