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Saturday, April 29, 2006


LBY week 5

Peace. Man, I am in need of peace lately.

I’ve blogged regarding DH’s pay cut before. Last year we endured a $415/mo pay cut. This year an additional $800/mo. cut. We’re $700/mo. short to pay our bills, DH and I have been squabbling about this since January when it happened. There is a serious lack of financial peace around here.

How come it is that financial troubles are so hard? We have survived so much worse than this but after 4 months of squabbling about the lack of money and the increasing debt load - well, it came to a head this week. We screamed, we argued, and then peace fell on us. We DO have options. We DO have a way out. But it’ll take serious discipline and dedication.

Peace. Peace. Peace. It’s been resonating in my mind all week. Letting God have rule over our financial situation, trusting that He knows what is on the other side for us and being ‘hitched’ with my DH and pulling in the same direction….that’s where my peace lies.

One HUGE point in the video that stood out to me was in the third session.

Exodus 4:12 – “…I will teach you what to say….”

I teach an adult Sunday School class on families/children. I use the term “teach” very loosely because I’m simply the facilitator for the lesson. I’m learning just as much as my “students”. My oldest child is only nine years old and I am certainly no expert in the field.

I have noticed that since taking on the class about 9 months ago, my own children/family life has really been teaching me some difficult lessons. It seems stepping out of my “safe box” and accepting this role has placed my family square in Satan’s cross-hares. We’ve had trouble with behavior at school (mild, but shocking for my DS. He’s so mild mannered!), trouble with DD’s attitude, now I have two year olds I have trouble knowing how to parent. Just this morning I battled trying to keep them in their cribs past 5am! Finally there was silence. I opened the door to their room to find the younger twin finger-painting the wall with the contents of his diaper. Nope, not a proud mama moment. I promptly placed an order for two crib tents to try to imprison the rascals for a couple more months (or YEARS! lol)

Peace. Yep, I’ve been learning about peace since taking on the Sunday School class. I’m enjoying it but my kids are definitely testing the boundaries of peace around here. Add in the financial issues making tempers run short and you have a perfect recipe for chaos!

I’ve been praying for peace. Praying for God’s peace like a river to ascend on our house. It’s going to take some work and the rule of God in our lives.

But it’s so worth it.

JannaFlipflop Robin
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Great post! Praying for your financial situation!
Sounds like you could use some Peace like a River! Praying for you and your financial situation. It can definitely bring out the battles, can't it? :)
Aren't the growing pains in the Lord hard?

Father, I pray for you to work out my "sister's" family financial situation. Bring your peace to them that transcends all understanding so that you may be glorified through their circumstances. Amen.
Thank you for sharing. :)
You have a great attitude and I will keep you guys in my prayers. Remember, there are blessings ahead.
My heart is with you. We have had a few arguments about fincancial stress this week too, and it has thrown me out of peace too. Nothing like finances to make us freak out!

I will pray for you and your family.

God Bless!

PS - I am a twin and I LOVE it. But I can't imagine having them! LOL keep up the good fight! LOL My twin and I are best firends and I am sooooo grateful for her. I just did the Thursday 13 meme about her.
((HUGS)) financial issues are a tough pill to swallow. I'm so glad the Lord has shown you a way to make it work. Praying things improve with your faithfulness.

I can relate to being thrown into Satan's radar screen - may the Lord protect you and yours!!
Bless your heart! I will be asking the Lord to give you an outpouring of that peace for provision that Beth taught us about.
Thanks for writing so honestly and openly for us - your post really made me think about how the devil loves to try to undermine us when we step outside of our comfort zones. Praying for your PEACE and your provision!
Will be praying for you as you stand in and for peace!

I am praying for you, too. I wish I could reach out and "fix" things for you, but I can't. I worry about money all the time, but obviously not to the level that you guys are facing right now.

It's times like this though that when you DO feel peace you know it has to be from God, though. And only God. I'm going to keep checking in from time to time, but will definitely be praying for you guys.

My computer-side prayer list is growing longer! ;)
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