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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Thirteen FAVORITE SONGS(in no particular order)

1. "Praise you in this storm" - Casting Crowns

2. "Cry out to Jesus" - Third Day

3. "Redeemer" - Nicole C. Mullen

4. "Who am I" - Casting Crowns

5. "My Jesus" - Todd Agnew

6. "Something's gotta give" - LeAnn Rhimes

7. "Strong Tower" - Kutless

8. "Set Me Free" - Casting Crowns

9. "The Chasing song" - Andrew Peterson

10. "They don't understand" - Sawyer Brown

11. "My Savior, My God" - Aaron Shust

12. "I am Free" - Newsboys

13. "Only Grace" - Matthew West

Wow - I have a LONG list of favorites - this was only a few of them!

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Third Day is one of my favorite groups - no, let me correct that - they are my favorite Christian artists. :)
Thank you for stopping by My Lighter Side
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Unfortunately, I'm bad about Christian music. The only time I hear it is when we're rehearsing in choir, and I know my favorites, but not who sings them! I'm too busy memorizing the next one. :)

Thanks for stopping by my list.
great favorites!

Thanks for coming by my blog.
I don't think I could even come up with 13 favorite songs. Way to go!

Thanks for visiting my TT today. Happy Thursday!
thanks for visiting my T13 - who are Casting Crowns...they seem to have made the top 13 a few different times. I should check them out.
Nice TT.. You should try Sean Keith's music. He's awesome, too!
I have heard recently a song that goes over and over in my mind, and it's becoming one I find humming a lot!

"Here I am to worship" Have you heard of it?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my T T
I love most of those songs...but you didn't have any Third Day in your list! :-)

I just love them!!!
Great list! I honestly don't know any of them but still great list! :)
Great TT. #6 is the only one I know.

Thanks for visiting my TT too.
I'm gonna have to look into these. I love good Christian tunes.
What a great list. Some of your are my favorite's too. # 2 is probably my fav of your list.

Hope you had a great Thursday!
Great list I looove - #1,2,3,4,6,7,10 and I'm not sure if I know the others. I'm thinking I do, just can't hear them in my head right now. Have you ever heard "Shackles" by Mary,Mary? It always puts back a bit of Joy in my heart on rough days and it ALWAYS makes me boogie. That is a sight to see while I'm driving down the road.;D
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