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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Thirteen Things I need to do today

1…. Exercise - it's about time I get back into a regular routine
2. Shower - 'nuf said
3. Get to M.U.M.S. on time - This is no small feat! (Mothers United to Maintain Sanity - in case you were wondering)
4. Take the boys to the doctor - think we have a raging case of pink eye started.
5. Get gas in the van - otherwise I'll be guaranteed some additional exercise!
6. Probably pick up a prescription for the Pink Eye
7. Hit the grocery store for Easter meal fixin's
8. Mail a CD sold on - also have several cards to mail as well as transcript requests for colleges DH and I have attended.
9. Call to check in on a friend who has been sick
10. Bake the Amish Bread that I didn't get made yesterday - I did put it in the fridge though. lol
11. Clean the house in the style of FlyLady (15 minutes in each room)
12. Vacuum the kitchen (yes, I have terrible KITCHEN carpet - whose idea was that?!)
13. clean the bathrooms

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Thanks for emailing me your blog link. I think I have way more than 13 things to do today...
You Go Girl....that's quite a list. Let's hear it for flylady. I love her quote, "housework done poorly still blesses your family." Hope you have a lovely celebration.
Sounds like you have a busy day planned. Thanks for stopping by my TT.

Happy Thursday!
Busy Thursday! I hope the pink eye gets better! ick!
ARGH! I need to be cleaning Flylady style, too! ;)
Yikes! Hope you got it all done.

Thanks for visiting my TT!
I can relate to that list!
Arghhhhhhhhhh - I got a lot of cleaning to do! *S*
Happy TT
oh yeah, i love using flylady...
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